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Leaving One’s Comfort Zone



Yes, this is a Soap & Skin Care blog but………I really need some inspiration and a good friend to get advice from. So I rely on Bernadette Logue. Ok so I never have met Bernadette and she is not actually a friend of mine. Regardless she has my Inspiration Attention.

Each day I’m making things happen. My focus is always my Farm, but I need to share my passion of healthy bodies for people and animals. It really all comes together in Nature. On our farm we all eat the same foods, use the same medicines from nature, and live in Harmony. Of course there are days which seem like a dark cloud in over us, then my lotus heart blooms and all is right once again.

I want to include  in this blog not just what we put on our bodies, also what we fill our bodies with. Thoughts can make us sick with worry, or bring us to a place of contentment. Zen Skin is about becoming a glowing body of white light.

I hope you enjoy the insight this post may offer. Please leave a comment if this is happening in your life. We all need to know we are not alone in our fears.

Next blog posts: My Favorite Ingredients & Making Body Butter, filling Orders. Thanks so much for visiting.

Have a Brilliant Day, Nicole



1 thought on “Leaving One’s Comfort Zone”

  1. Reblogged this on RAN Farm Zen Goats and commented:

    Good day Everyone, As you may know I’ve begun Zen Skin. This was first posted on my Harmoni~Zen Skin blog. I wanted to share with RAN Farm readers.


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