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7 of My Favorite Soap and Skin Care Ingredients

I want to share a few of my Favorite Ingredients. As my experiences grow so do my favorites. I use many product lines until I begin buying in bulk. Finding what works for each producer of homemade skin care is trial and error. These will always be my go to products, my experience with each has produced effects on my body which I LOVE…and crave.

  1. Magnesium Oil and Flakes
  2. Red Palm Oil
  3. Raw Goat Milk-RAN Farm
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Essential Oils
  6. Bentonite Clay
  7. Rice Bran Oil

Explore these ingredients via my links. Surf the internet on your own. Learn something new today. I’m out to milk my goats, making Body Butter tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “7 of My Favorite Soap and Skin Care Ingredients”

  1. Hi Nicole, I will do some searching today and thank you for the post. I know I need magnesium and oil of oregano. I found Dr Becker and his wife Cindy, who helped me so much, they are on You Tube and T.V.
    Have a great Thursday.

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    1. Hi Mom,
      Actually I’m making the Body Butter as we speak. I have the Zen~Mag for you, what aroma would you like? I have a new tropical line…from Tahiti. I can get it sent out tomorrow. Hang in there. love U


      1. This sounds great, you choose, I love all your products and fragrances, they are all a win, win for me and others who love natural, organic products we put on the outside and the inside of our precious bodies. thank you, and love to all, MOM


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