positive beliefs

Friday Inspiration


This was my wake up call this morning. For the Last 3 days when I put my morning “News” on the internet radio guess what I hear…garbage.  I’ve attempted morning listening rituals before, I seem to go back to the same regurgitated news.

I want to awaken to a fresh day, not one of doom and gloom. Off went the news and on went positive words. You will notice I post Pinch Me Living quite often. Bernadette Logue resonates with me. Listen to part 1 & 3, they are equally good. This part 2 seemed appropriate today.

Have a terrific weekend everyone. love to you all.



4 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration”

    1. Oh thank you for visiting me Cyril. I don’t get many comments, I so very much appreciate you taking time to write me. I look forward to following your journey.
      Warmest regards, Nicole

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      1. Yes ….I understand …we are traveling to the same spot ..and peoples will follow and read you soon .you will get more readers it takes time in WordPress and now days peoples are busy with social media. We can spread positivity and life motivating tips to all over.

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