Who is Zen Skin

I was raised in Santa Cruz California during the 70’s….surrounded at home by the hippy generation. I was lucky enough to have a mom who taught me what a comfrey  poultice was at an early age, allowed no sugar or processed food in the house, and showed love was more important than money. I was growing up during a time when a little girl could play on the beach alone, climbing rocks, drawing in the sand and licking kelp.

This is me, at 51. I raise Goats in the High Desert of Eastern Oregon, off grid. I make all my own soaps, and skin care along with my own medicine cabinet full of Natures ingredients. I create everything for Zen Skin. If you find comfort and relief with my products that is because I was inspired to help others heal themselves. You can create everything you see here. Begin with something easy then you too will be inspired. Visit my Etsy Shop and get that just right product, it’s the best way for me to reach out to those who don’t live near me.

Have a terrific day……smile……Keep a Happy Thought.


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