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Moringa Soap made in Ghana…Ancient World Soaps

This video is amazing. As I learn to make soap Janet comes along and blows my mind. I want to make soap in my Flip Flops, in my own back yard, with my whole family.

I was for some reason born onto this Earth in the United States of America. This place where we can become anything we desire, already have more than any one person should have, and MOST people live with “eyes wide closed”. Government imposes rules, FDA’s require compliance, and this place of the “American” dream is what….? Right, now back around to soap.

I must use goggles, where gloves, cover my body from head to toe, gee maybe a Haz~Mat suit is appropriate. Janet seems to think these items are not necessary in the soap making world she lives in. She is a teacher, mother and makes soap to sell to provide a better life for her and her family. Wow, sounds like the “American” dream. The thing is Janet lives in Ghana, Africa. This must be the Human Dream, Independence to be the free person we are, just by the fact we were born free.

I do not advocate the misuse of working with LYE, or other hazardous materials! What I am saying is lets remember to use the brain we were born with. Take responsibility for our own actions. Don’t be afraid to try something just because somebody on the internet says it’s dangerous….Soap is not dangerous. Soap is good. Soap will free your mind. Okay it’s just soap, but when done right it will keep our bodies free from the radical changes the chemicals and processed foods are doing to our bodies today.

goat milk soap, homemade skin care, positive beliefs

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positive beliefs

Inspiration Friday


Another on target vlog from Pinch Me Living. Take less than I minute of your day to remember how wonderful YOU are.

Have a Brilliant Weekend. Nicole



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I’m excited to open my blog with my Zen Skin Care Line. I would like to encourage each visitor to consider the Natural, Clean approach to caring for your skin. I believe to a clean way of living. In today’s world eliminating all Unnatural parts of life it totally unrealistic. Baby steps lead to a long jump, one shining flame leads to another then another.

So, I begin here. If you see something  which calls out to you, lets work together. I would love each of you to make your own products, yes you too can do exactly what I do. I believe in being self-sufficient. If my experiences help you, wonderful. Do your own research, be responsible for your body. I scoured the internet, bought books, talked to anybody who would listen & share their own experiences.

Day one of Zen Skin. Check out my Farm Blog I will post once a week on this blog, adding new product, information, links. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a brilliant day.