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To Muse a Tree Trunk Soap Bar

Getting ready to create my next soap. It’s an idea from another soap artist.

Since moving, this will be like soap making for the first time. Living off the grid makes changes necessary.

homemade skin care

Lip Balm Poll…..Tube or Jar?

homemade skin care

Tips & Tricks with our Soap

Wow that's bright
Wow that’s bright

Every week I like to add tips and tricks which can be done with Zen Skin Products. I  would love to hear about any clever ideas you all may have. Share, there are no secrets here…what happens here goes everywhere.

Todays tip is about using left over bits and pieces of soap.

  1. Take any leftover pieces of soap, or grate some off a bar. Place in container of choice.

    My crock pot which I make soap.
    My crock pot which I make soap.
  2. Fill with clean warm water, soap will dissolve.

    adding warm water
    adding warm water
  3. I like to add more essential oil.

    Wow that's bright
    Wow that’s bright

I made this mason jar dispenser in 5 minutes, very easy. This soap in the picture has added Neon Color to show off soap better. My soaps rarely have color.

Now this will make a watery liquid soap which can be used for washing hands or easy clean up. There are Liquid Castile soaps which can be made which are much thicker, this is about re-purposing.

Have Fun with this, children can take part in this simple project.

homemade skin care

7 of My Favorite Soap and Skin Care Ingredients

I want to share a few of my Favorite Ingredients. As my experiences grow so do my favorites. I use many product lines until I begin buying in bulk. Finding what works for each producer of homemade skin care is trial and error. These will always be my go to products, my experience with each has produced effects on my body which I LOVE…and crave.

  1. Magnesium Oil and Flakes
  2. Red Palm Oil
  3. Raw Goat Milk-RAN Farm
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Essential Oils
  6. Bentonite Clay
  7. Rice Bran Oil

Explore these ingredients via my links. Surf the internet on your own. Learn something new today. I’m out to milk my goats, making Body Butter tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

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Building a Dreamality……

Believing in one’s self is like jumping off a cliff. I finally took that leap of faith…putting myself in a vulnerable position. The signs along life’s journey can be hazed over by harsh realities of everyday existence. At some point I stopped rushing and have welcomed the signs the Universe is sending me. Okay deep thoughts. Raising animals 24/7 brings one to a place of contemplation…but I have always been a daydreamer..

I recently came across a blog I follow and they were telling about “their fundraiser”. Yes, I’m very behind on some of the ideas on the Internet. There is this thing Crowd Fund Raising. I was feeling 2 ways about this mass funding concept…So I checked into it. After Much thought and consideration I figured I’d give it a go. Several of my family & friends have wanted to help me start something with my soap. Okay I want to keep this short & simple. The link below is  to show support for the Indiegogo Campaigns all over the world. Zen Skin will always be about helping people. Maybe you know someone who would benefit with a fundraiser/campaign  or want to support one yourself or just ignore this blog post and look forward to something more relevant to you, it’s all good.

        Have a Brilliant Day

            Click on the link below to access my Zen Skin Indiegogo Campaign.


   Thank you for stopping by

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I’m excited to open my blog with my Zen Skin Care Line. I would like to encourage each visitor to consider the Natural, Clean approach to caring for your skin. I believe to a clean way of living. In today’s world eliminating all Unnatural parts of life it totally unrealistic. Baby steps lead to a long jump, one shining flame leads to another then another.

So, I begin here. If you see something  which calls out to you, lets work together. I would love each of you to make your own products, yes you too can do exactly what I do. I believe in being self-sufficient. If my experiences help you, wonderful. Do your own research, be responsible for your body. I scoured the internet, bought books, talked to anybody who would listen & share their own experiences.

Day one of Zen Skin. Check out my Farm Blog https://ranfarmzengoats.wordpress.com/. I will post once a week on this blog, adding new product, information, links. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a brilliant day.